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People come to practice meditation for a variety of reasons.┬áNot too long ago meditation was something of an oddity. Something that you perhaps might not have admitted to practicing when asked at a party…thankfully this has changed substantially in recent years and mainstream awareness of meditation and its benefits has improved significantly.

It is essential in our day and age that we develop an efficient and effective way to thrive in our ever changing society. Whilst the literature and scientific research supporting the numerous benefits of meditation is well established, the fact is that meditation is becoming more commonly understood, accepted and utilised as a daily practice that is improving the lives of people in all walks of life worldwide.

Having noted this however, many misconceptions exist for meditation practice particularly regarding how simple it can be. See our FAQ for more information.

Meditation has become a well researched and well accepted practice that enhances the lives of a growing number of people. See our meditation benefits for further details.

At Inner Space Meditation, we teach the Vedic Meditation technique.