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introductory talk

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An introductory talk is the first step in learning to meditate with Inner Space Meditation. It provides an obligation free opportunity to better understand meditation practice and how it could be integrated in your life – and it’s easier than you might think.

This is free of obligation and cost and is typically held at 6.30pm on a Monday evening in Pagewood. Attending this introductory talk is a pre-requisite to the meditation course.

Introductory talks are held in a small group format, take a little under an hour of your time and typically cover topics such as

  • relevance in our society
  • vedic meditation overview
  • meditation benefits
  • course structure
  • question and answers

There are lots of common misconceptions about meditation and these, along with any questions you may have, are able to be addressed before you make any decisions about undertaking a meditation course of instruction.

An introductory talk also provides an opportunity to meet with Corey and hear a little of his meditation journey and how it has changed his life…

how to book an introductory talk

Please note the footer area at the bottom of this page showing upcoming introductory talks. You are able to click on a link for available course dates to book in. If you require further dates and availability, please visit the course calendar page. Alternatively if you wish to discuss another time for an introductory talk, please contact us.