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“My own experiences echo what I regularly see with my students: significantly reduced stress, and increased levels of rest, creativity, clarity and overall effectiveness. Personally… it results in ‘a better me.’ – Corey Snell, Meditation Teacher, Inner Space Meditation

To the untrained eye, the casual observer, Corey is married, a father of two young boys, and an I.T. senior executive working within a healthcare environment. For all appearances, a pretty regular guy…

Corey Snell, Meditation Teacher

Corey Snell, Meditation Teacher

Deadlines, obligations, duties, joys, challenges and opportunities continue to jostle for position in his day but Corey has the tools, know-how and perspective to focus on a clear path to fulfilment.

Some time ago through luck, destiny, providence or serendipitous design, Corey discovered a powerful form of meditation that brought with it a calm, clarity of purpose and an ability to focus on better living.

Having reaped benefits from this new practice that quickly became a way of life, passing on the knowledge and seeing others benefit from the teachings of Vedic Meditation became Corey’s inspiration. Today, Corey has some rewarding additions to his already extensive to-do list. One of the most pressing appointments he now regularly keeps is with himself… time to find his inner space.

Look at the person sitting across from you on the bus or train scrolling through appointments on their mobile device; or take a moment to notice the man in the car ahead of you stuck in peak hour traffic; the people battling through the tide of humanity at the traffic light crossing; or hustling from the kid’s school drop-off while postponing a catch-up and coffee with colleagues, friends or family.

Pretty standard stuff you say…

But take a moment… Do they look overwhelmed, fulfilled, like they are getting the most out of the day? Is this you?

Join Corey and learn how to reduce stress, feel calm, improve focus, gain clarity and enjoy your inner space.